Fossil Fuels

by Lightning Rules

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Bucky This reminds me of the good stuff from the early 2000's. Alternative rock at its core, but with enough pizzazz to attract the heavy underground crowd. Solid stuff. Favorite track: All But Gone.
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JZR YESSSSSS! I'm so happy for this new release. Keep it coming guys!
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released March 9, 2018

All Production by Stephan Hawkes at Interlace Audio
Album Art by Michael Cobra

Guitar/Vocals: Wess Willis
Bass: Will Shelton
Drums: Stephan Hawkes


all rights reserved



Lightning Rules Portland, Oregon

Wren - battle axe / war cry

Adelheid - thunder stick

Jagienka - drums

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Track Name: Fossil Fuels
Carbon is combustible the ancients come to life
energy's not lost it's only stored
everything that dies can be reborn if it ignites
to carry on the fire is the reward

burn it to the ground
let it go to seed 
do not live in fear of the end
it’s only a moment to sleep 

i’ll come up from the ground
when the winter thaws
If I go down just bury me where i fall 
I'm returning so bury me where I fall 

if dinosaurs could dream i bet they'd never guess their part cause all they ever did was kill and eat then send us to the stars 

young man wanted everything and thought it would be his if he tried
old man dreams of legacy to live beyond the moment he dies  
there is hope in decay, some part left to play  
we are gears in machines that do not know our names 
light the fuse and wait
Track Name: Loud
I bet he's turning in his coffin, 
guess George had it right 
If you can take the language hostage, 
the thoughts'll fall in line
i'd rather see a tongue cut loose and start a fight
than sit and swallow every truth to be polite 


the remedy, open your mouth 
say what you want, just say it loud

to segregate, divided words, this one is mine, this one is yours 
forbidden thoughts quickly interred 
I just want to be heard

I used to look for conversation,   told me I should try 
a stance befitting of my station, or leave my tongue confined
I listened now it’s time to speak,   and build the pyre 
i’m not afraid to char my teeth so i’ll spit fire   

I’m not afraid to  speak,  i’ll spit and char my teeth, 
now every liar fuels the fire in the air I breathe 
Track Name: Rattlesnake
I felt the desert skin, mouth full of knives
The two-fold tongue,   
don't need to lie   
keep your eyes on the ground is my advice 

I was born a man, from feet to head.  
a Mouth for war, a taste for lead   
so I never look much at where I tread  

I didn't bother to run 
just close the casket I'm done
tell the priest to go home I ain't no penitent one

I lost before I could fight
the fever follows the bite
I feel my heart going cold this is goodbye and

good night cynical son
did it serve you well to see through every one 
the puncture of skin, a violent end, 
to all of your pride and all your contempt  
good night cynical son 

I kept my armor on (what did you expect?)  
You’ve never felt this strong (to crush his head? )
and I beat my chest (with bite marks left on your heel small consolation if you had)

If I go you're going as well 
there'll be no stories to tell  
if you're the last thing I see I guess i'll see you in hell 

I lost before I could fight
the fever follows the bite
I feel my heart going cold this is goodbye and good night 
Track Name: Stay Awake
Taking your time, crafting lines, you manufacture frenzy
weaponize all your speech, the coded language is delivered breathless 

Talking in tongues, flaming lungs, the body vitriolic
They are wrong, we are one, infallible in our collective rage and wrath 
the game and the graft

stay awake, it’s just the world at stake 
they’ll steal and take , and sell it by the grain 
profit from poison wells, market the antidote 
If they won't change we'll lead them to the rope

why don’t you sit down and swallow that hope 
we own this boat now and we're in control
we’ll see it go down before we give up our share of the gold
Track Name: All But Gone
I play my part but alone in the dark there's no hiding from a wandering mind
I spent half of my life walking just a line now i'm asking was it wasted time
I've got nothing to drink but pure kerosene
the water they gave me's been gone for a week
I said I was thirsty they said grace was sufficient for me

it's all but gone 

I can't handle the wait, if it's over soon then should it be now 
helpful to hesitate, or are we only drawing this out?  
the only comfort is closure, then let it be over and done, 
Call it in, we have been overrun 

There was a time when the sun shone bright you were vibrant 
and we drank in the light 
We were drunk on the breeze like we'd never see the sky go dark again  
but then the night came and we lied awake 
to consider the time bomb in your DNA 
now we'd trade every sunny day for more time  
it's all but gone  

I played my part with half of a heart, just say something, she'd want it that way
if I speak i'm a liar cause there's nothing that I know 
when every pillar is pulled down you find yourself found out for claiming you had it right
now the only questions that matter are where have you gone and can I go ?
Track Name: Gnarpeggiator
You gotta  let this go,
day is done, time to run for good
i think you should know,
there's no glory in being the last one

Standing on your own your own when everything thats good is gone
Only to witness the moment when the fire dies

Never see this skin as your own
no one survives, they only exit slow 
a foolish game to hang on too long
let go and let yourself be gone 

I felt the engines blow
Kill the lights, closing time  for good
if it's our time to go
I hope that i will see you on the way

down, forward and on to
a better place to start again
looking for reasons, screaming through an empty sky

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